2167 Richville Dr Sw Massillion, Ohio

Walk thru this home click here! Virtual Tour! Imagine pulling in your drive to a gated secure 11 acres. Surround yourself with privacy, nature, trees, wildlife, and 1 acre lake stocked lake.  Wrap around the cement long drive as if you’re driving thru central park. Enjoy the wild life along the way.  As your driveway is long, circular and plenty of room to park.   Pull up behind the home, to one of your 11 garage spaces. Pull into a heated spot.  Walk into Luxury.  Finally Home.  Today think about going for that much needed salt water swim, or a take that glass of wine and sit in the hot tub and unwind.  Either way it’s at this amazing private oasis.  Then it’s time to decide should I cook on my top of the line stainless appliances, use the dishwasher or subzero.  DO I order in have a dinner party in my large, custom woodwork, cherry trim, dining room?  Yes I think today calls just for that. I welcome guests into 22 ft. high entry, granite floors, cherry trim and duel stair cases. The foyer is so open you can see the floor to ceiling windows, the grand entrance to home. The feeling is awe inspiring.  The guests quickly seat in the great room near the floor to ceiling stone fireplace.  Showing off the First floor master suite to one of the guests, I hear another talking about how they love that each of all the bedrooms have their own luxury bathroom.  However the greatest is yet to be told.  This home has a safe room, its own secure spot, made out of Diebold Steel.  It has a full bathroom, security.  Totally peace of mind, breathtaking views, amenities beyond your imagination, I welcome you to come to view this estate today.


Hey Seller? This is a Great time to Sell!

We want you to know that we have programs for you the FSBO! WE know that it may

be a time that you don’t want to sell your home! However we get serious buyers! Fewer but serious buyers! Your home is decorated so it shows not only better but in its best light!  We also want you to know that we get some of the most out of town relocation/ in December and January so why not do a time like this! WE are here for you!

Best of all you we are netting 98% of the list price or more! We should talk today!


Credit Tips And What Should I Be Doing?

Look at your Credit File:
Important to make sure what is on there so you know what you’re working with!

Do not Change Jobs! Or Addresses:
Changing job or addresses can lower your credit score!

Set up a calendar to remind you to pay your bills (on time).

Don’t be Debtless:
Sign up for a credit card with a small limit (keep it around 20-30% of the balance some good ones found here) www.creditcards.com make your payments on time! Paying off card can sometimes hurt your score also so consult your Expert Lender!

Don’t be a Credit Junkie:
Too many recent credit application can cost a lot of points!

Monitor your credit:
Places like these are FREE but…
Keep in mind that your score can be off by 20- 30 pts by what a lender or underwriter actually needs you to be at!
This is a great tool when you get to that magic number then our Expert lender can get you on the path to HOME OWNERSHIP together we GET THE JOB DONE!

As always feel free to call with any questions
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How long will Appliances Last? How much will upkeep cost? Buying a home is serious…

How long will Appliances last? How much will upkeep cost? Buying a home is serious business and if your Realtor is not pointing these things out and you end up not having a home inspection… this will cost you several to hundreds of dollars.  So today I want to point out a few helpful tips… Some of what I do with my buyers when we walk thru the home!

First take a look at your electrical near the sink and bathrooms? You may need a protected outlet for your loan! (If the lender has to send an appraiser back out it costs you a second fee)

Electrical Repairs and or replacement anywhere from $100– to total replacement $1300

How many of you test out the garage door and how it sounds, does it have the safety and does it work? If it’s a home my buyers are buying we are testing it! These cost on average $300-700 to repair or install new!

Your toilet have about a 10 year life on them/ silly to think that but it’s true… then you get into leaks and problems… they cost with installation around $348

Water heaters have a 10-15 year lifespan they cost around $1000 more sometimes to install

There are many more like your furnace, ac and pipes, roof and cost related… we can talk more in depth about those! I am here to make sure you know what you’re getting in too. Every home you buy is going to have something you have to update?  Or repair? Maybe but if you have the knowledge and help going hand and hand maybe the surprise will not hurt as bad! Having a home inspection is really important also if we think there are a lot of expenses or repairs going to happen soon! I try to really hard to be there every step of the way… knowledge is power… buying your home is huge… IM here for you!

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Buyers and Sellers Impressions!

First Impression Buyers and Sellers

What can I do to make my home sell faster? That I hear all the time! It’s a question all home sellers ask and really all home buyers ask” Why is this home priced so high?” So it can be difficult if you’re looking for a small project to do before you list your home.  What do buyers want? What will hardwood floors give me in value? Do buyers even want that? If you want to make potential buyers knock on your door first, it’s important to invest in the right projects.  I would love to help point you in that direction.  Here are some pointers from Dave Ramsey’s YOU GET ONE SHOT AT A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION Do you believe in love at first sight?  Most home buyers do! If they don’t like what they see when they pull in into your driveway, it’s likely they won’t make it inside.  If you’re thinking of selling take a look of some of these ideas to spruce up your curb appeal, consider these updates:

Project Average Job Cost Average ROI
Manufactured Stone Veneer
If you have existing vinyl on your home’s exterior, replacing it with manufactured stone veneer makes the elegance factor go way up.
$7,519 93%
New Garage Doors
Nothing says your home has been well kept like pristine garage doors. Go with something neutral and sleek that matches your home’s exterior.
$1,652 91.5%
Steel Front Door
A fresh front door can make a great first impression on potential home buyers. Feeling a little fun? Paint it a bold, eye-catching color!
$1,335 91%
Project Average Job Cost Average ROI
Attic Insulation
It may not be an update home buyers see as soon as they walk in the front door, but it’s one of the few projects that actually pays even more than the cost.
$1,268 117%
Minor Kitchen Remodel
Want to get a good return on kitchen renovations? Here’s the key: don’t overdo it. Instead of trying to turn your space into a high-end gourmet kitchen, stick to modernizing outdated features like cabinets, counters, appliances and paint colors.
$20,122 83%
Basement Remodel
Basement remodels have a high price tag, but they can pay off when it’s time to sell. Finish out your space with a living area and extra bedroom and bath, and you’ve got a dream mother-in-law or teen suite.
$68,490 70%

5 of the #Bargain #homes End Year Deal

Take a look at my top list of homes for sale! These are the ones you want to buy.  They are the steals and deals.  You just may want to invest in? reahab? or just make it your next move? Who knows where the next deal is at? But I would be happy to send you a private list! Im here to help you find all the deals and steals in OHIO! 330-412-9799


Top 5 Ready to move in Summit County HOMES!

Take a look of these Homes! Each one is unique.  Each one is special! The owners in have all taken the time to make sure the home is the best of the best.  I want you to be sure to not miss the top 5 showcased homes in the area.  Best of all these homes, have some of the best finished basements you have ever seen.  Outstanding Kitchens made for entertaining.  Look out fido, children and just plain relaxing the backyards are just a WOW.  SO take a look and give me a call today and lets set up a private tour 330-412-9799